Our center is the Tourist Information Center for seniors and people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users, visual and hearing impairments, mentally disabled people, also people who need nursing, children and foreign tourists in order to enjoy traveling to kyushu with safely and security. Is there a facility with wheelchair accessibility? How can I go to a restroom and take a bath during the travel? Can an assistance dog stay in the hotel? FOR YOUR PLEASURE We would like to provide accessible tourist information; more choices, and less worry to help you before and during the travel.

Opening November 15, 2019
In order to relieve wheelchair users, visual and hearing problems, psychological barriers, and inconvenience of elderly legs and feet, the anxiety of caregivers is needed to provide safe and secure travel assistance

Business hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (Open all year)

Fukuoka Airport Domestic Flight Arrival Hall North Exit Shimo Usui 778-1,Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Tel: 092-624-0888
Fax: 092-624-0888


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【We provide accessible tourists information especially for seniors and the people with disabilities, such as…】

Accessible tourist attractions, Hotels with Accessible Rooms, Accessible taxi, Rent-a-car, Wheel-chair-accessible restroom, Dialysis travel, Multi-purpose restroom provided with a sink for Ostomate, Assisted bathing

【we rent wheelchairs and strollers】

It is popular with those who are worried about long-distance walking and those who want to use it continuously at multiple facilities and tourist destinations.

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